My mission is to help organizations
make meaningful human impact.

I have over 20 years of experience building design teams, delivering consumer and enterprise product experiences, and informing business strategy. My unified background in design, technology, and business fuels my passion of partnering with businesses to deliver products and services that drive both bottom line and customer impact.

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Reena was an incredible member of the team and a tremendous partner. She was able to support her organization through a variety of organizational and leadership changes to keep them motivated, productive and engaged. She was constantly looking for ways to improve how she and her team executed to help deliver on our business strategies. She was also willing to roll up her sleeves and dive in to help out wherever needed... from hands on design, to workshop development, to leadership presentations.
I look forward to recruiting her back one day!

Chris Battles, Sr. Vice President & General Manager at Citrix / LogMeIn

Reena was an invaluable member of the team.
She is thoughtful, exemplifies integrity in everything she does,
and charms people from the moment she meets them.
She raised the morale of the design team in an incredibly short amount of time; it is truly a gift
what she accomplished. Reena is a team player, she puts the success of the team
before taking credit for all the hard work she does.

Phyllis McDermott, Staff Engineering Program Manager at Mozilla

Simply put, Reena is by far the best manager I have ever had, and most likely the best one I will ever have. She is able to maintain the rare managerial balance of someone who is simultaneously liked and respected. Under her tenure I have been empowered and able to grow my career considerably. She has made me feel motivated, inspired, and has created an environment of support and optimism. Across the organization I have only heard positive things about her, and everyone who has worked with her was unanimously impressed. It rare to find a person with such grace, empathy, and understanding, while still bringing out the best work out of people. I cannot say enough good things about Reena.

Mikolaj Lisiecki, UX Designer at Sony PlayStation

From day one, Reena brought a positive, professional, can-do attitude. She brought much-needed leadership to the team. She created order within the workflow, empowered her workers, and was an agent of change. During her tenure, I witnessed a transformation in the design team. A high turnover group who whose workload was regularly over-capacity shifted to a high-functioning, well-respected, fun team. Reena faced the challenge of balancing team capacity with business objectives head on, resulting in consistent delivery of business requirements AND improved team morale! Working with Reena was an absolute pleasure! I was fortunate to work with her on a number of projects, and have rarely seen such talent.

Chad Porter, Manager of Program Management at Sony PlayStation

Few people have the opportunity to work with such an incredibly dedicated and passionate UX leader, but I did when I worked with Reena. I had the pleasure of partnering with Reena on multiple Video UX research projects during her time at PlayStation. I was particularly impressed with Reena's ability to gain stakeholder alignment, which seemed to come naturally to her and increased the success and productivity of our projects. Not only does she care deeply about the success of any product she is working on, she also cares deeply for her team members, going the extra mile to set them up for success. Any company would be lucky to have Reena
on their UX leadership team.

Daina Buchner, UX Research Manager at Sony PlayStation


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